Leap of Faith

So today I took a leap of faith. The people who have followed this blog will get it.

I shared my blog with the new man SAF. This is such a raw and personal place that first him asking to see it stunned me. I told him I did not know if I wanted to share it.

He said he could go look for it on his own but he would rather me share it. I thought about it and I shared it. He understands the implications of trust and faith with this share.

He has been honest and open with any questions I have asked. I see similarities in our lives and because of them he sees the magnitude of this gesture.

Flushing things out

So I had really thought that everything that could wash out with Danny had done so. This week I discovered one more gift. He gave me a bacterial infection AGAIN. Well, I am not calling to tell him, so let him pass that shit on again.

Today, I also got the AIG confirmation that the insurance for the airfare is being paid out. So ironically, I am only short about $122. If you look at the Dong he gave me its current value makes it all a wash.

I am so glad all of this is now behind me. I am looking at it now as I get a totally new fresh start. I am excited to FaceTime tonight with Tony. Who would have guessed that I started applying to jobs in Philly and he would appear. I will say it was not me. I am so happy at how he treats me and makes me feel good. This is totally different than Mr. Narcissist Danny.

I am fully believing that the past is in my rear view mirror and that only good things lay ahead.

May all your waves be glassy.

Bye, Bye, BYE!- Symphony ENDED

So Danny appeared yesterday on my way to get my MRI results. My Dr requested a Brain MRI on Monday and I was not the same all week. I lost my SHIT when I got the email. 1) because I thought I had blocked him 2) because it was OUTRAGEOUS.

Today, the test was negative, and I got my head clear and a lot of rest. So I blocked him on every email account, my phones and I have as well as my FB. Bye, Bye, Bye!  Below is the email exchange.

Friday at 8:56 AM

“Hello Joyce. Thank you for the kind card that I can only presume care from you. I really appreciate it.
I’m also wondering if you have mailed the currency I asked about last week when we met. If you have not mailed it, can you please do so? I need so sell just about everything I have. I can also stop by the guard desk at Aquia. If you have mailed it, thank you.”
Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you on this matter.
I hope you are doing well.
My response Friday 9:18AM
I am on my way to get the results from the results from my brain MRI. That is the most important thing in my life right now.

Sent from my iPhone
His response: Friday 9:23AM
I’m sorry to hear that and you made no mention of this news last week.
I hope you receive favorable results and I look forward to hearing from you after you receive your news.
Saturday my response 12:45
Hello Danny,

Thank you for the false concern. I did not receive your text as I blocked you. I am only responding to this email to provide closure.
There is no way I am partaking in the games you played with Nicole.
When you give someone a gift it belongs to the person you gave it. So when you say you have to sell everything you own, you can’t sell something you do not own. I still cannot wrap my head around the fact someone would actually ask for gift back. I would have respected you more had you asked me for another loan.
However, you are the architect of your own prison.  We were in a committed relationship, and I did so much for you and never asked for anything in return. The Mass card was from me. St. Jude is the patron Saint of Hope in Desperation. I wish you well in spite of your actions with me. 
In lieu of your lack of character, please never contact me again. 
Of course he got one more shot off before the rule to block his email.
False concerns? You would think that and what a shame you would even think that of me. It is beyond insulting and repulsive given my history and sensitivity with scans.
I have been selling personal assets to help improve my financial situation, currencies included. That is why I requested the gift back.
Lack of character? You had no problem selling the Gopher hockey tickets you gave me as a gift. I couldn’t even get the request out of my mouth to use the tickets before you harshly denied my request.
And you wish me well despite my actions with you? You are the one who brought all the drama into the relationship by crossing the line on several fronts. I haven’t experienced so much drama since middle school.
You are a hypocrite as you stated you walked away from your last three marriages with nothing, despite the egregious offenses your three ex-husbands committed against you and far worse than I could have ever inflicted. But you will not return the currency?
And you blocked me because our relationship ended? How petty of you but if that is what you want,  then you have cemented that we cannot even remain as friends. Sadly, this action places a dark cloud over the memories we created and which I was hoping to reflect upon as happy and memorable.
Lack of character? It is incomprehensible to me that you could even say that to me. Clearly, you don’t know me. I have more character than your three ex-husbands combined.
There is a lot that can be said about Nicole but even she gave the gift back because it was the right thing to do. I’m not sure how you are able to sleep at night.
I know first hand the angst and anticipation one goes through awaiting scan results. I sincerely, genuinely and truly hope your scan came back favorable for you and your health.
I wish you nothing but the best.
I think that ends the chapter. I am holding no ill will, I just pity him.
May all your waves be glassy.