Flushing things out

So I had really thought that everything that could wash out with Danny had done so. This week I discovered one more gift. He gave me a bacterial infection AGAIN. Well, I am not calling to tell him, so let him pass that shit on again.

Today, I also got the AIG confirmation that the insurance for the airfare is being paid out. So ironically, I am only short about $122. If you look at the Dong he gave me its current value makes it all a wash.

I am so glad all of this is now behind me. I am looking at it now as I get a totally new fresh start. I am excited to FaceTime tonight with Tony. Who would have guessed that I started applying to jobs in Philly and he would appear. I will say it was not me. I am so happy at how he treats me and makes me feel good. This is totally different than Mr. Narcissist Danny.

I am fully believing that the past is in my rear view mirror and that only good things lay ahead.

May all your waves be glassy.

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