When People Tell You Who They Are…

Flashback to the summer – Waiting in a Pizza restaurant with Danny for our order to arrive. We had gone to see U2 the night before at the Meadowlands and tonight we were going to see the Light Show at Longwood Gardens. I recall this conversation now pretty clearly. He was discussing his ex-girlfriend.

He was telling me he had given her a pretty extravagant gift before they broke up. Me in my naiveté was thinking Rolex, Bulgari necklace or something else. This is what I remember verbatim. “So I am sure you know by now what it was that I gave her.” I said no, he replied he gave her some sort of legal document entitling her to some of the cash windfall. He said she never believed in him and that she mocked him.

My full recollection was she dumped him for voting for Trump. I now see as time went on the reasons slowly changed. That is key to his character or lack of character. The reason I am pointing this out is because the irony is coming now. He then told me he asked her for it back. He said he prayed for it to get back before the revaluation. I paid no attention to this at the time.

In the immortal words of Maya Angelou, “When people tell you who they are; believe them.” Now that he asked me for my currency back was she ever right. He had been telling me all along, slow drops of breadcrumbs. I did not even see it at the time. It all cleared up in the last week. The ex, I am sure she is just like me, was taken for a ride, we saw it clearly and he changed the story of us. Oh I am sure I am a Tuesday now as well.

I would rather be a Tuesday than be phony and full of shit like Danny.

In the last week of texting and talking, Rex (not his real name) has been more communicative and forthright than Danny in 8 months. This has been the best reality check ever! I mean seriously, courtship is just that, wooing and it is exciting. I have not felt lighter or more peaceful in 10 months.
I am not on my edge wondering or panicking. I know it is all going to roll out as it should. He owns nice things but is modest. If this was Danny, I am sure the Ferrari would be a part of every conversation. Value does not come from things, and it sure as hell does not build character.

I have 2 more Sundays at the yoga studio and then the ties are fully severed. I should not work towards peace at a place that brings me stress and is linked to drama.

I forgot how exciting meeting someone new should feel. He does not have kids and I am not sure if he has ever been married. I do not care. The bummer is he lives in the Midwest, well thankfully there is FaceTime, the phone and planes between there and DC.

To be continued.

May all your waves be glassy.


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