Spin cycle, Indian Giver, Telephone Game

Well I got to my 30 days all proud as shit, then just like the Universe does, boom a text from Danny. A huge WTF moment. It sent me into a panic. I mean seriously a full blown panic. What did he want? The text was simple enough:

Hello Joyce. I wanted to know if you are available for me to come by and talk to you around 2:30 or so.

HOLY SHIT what do I do? What do I say? I am freaking out. I respond

What is it we need to talk about?

Some things that I need to clear up between us and I have two items to return to you.

What are the two?

The decal to enter the community and the bike training aid you loaned Liam.

I deactivated the decal 3 weeks ago. I am not comfortable with you at my house. I can meet you at Starbucks.

I cannot believe what I am reading. As if I have ever threatened you or been a threat to you.

I am also emailing you the email I was going to send today before I got the text from you. It is not about a threat. It is about energy.

Starbucks if fine with me. Does 2:30 work?


Thank you

So there you have it. I was blindsided. I am still processing the whole meeting. I got to Starbucks and it was packed. It was a holiday so not a surprise. I suggested we go to Panera. We drove across to Panera, I was delayed. I ran into a former yoga instructor in the parking lot and I was chatting with her.

When we got to Panera, no coffee, no nothing. It was weird. His opening line is that he is no longer angry he is just disappointed. He has not shared this with anyone he tells me. LIAR, I guarantee it is a lie. His Facebook posts tell the truth on that front. He also fit in there somewhere, he did not blame me for deactivating the decal. WTF? You are not in my life, you cannot come to my community whenever.

He told me he does not know how we got to this place, it all deteriorated so quickly. He told me that this was so much drama and he does not do drama. DUDE, all you do is drama, or you would not be in this situation with no house, losing a car etc. I said the he said she said telephone game is an issue. I have never been asked anything. What the kids said must be true and not in their interest. I wonder if the kids know any truths as it is a house of lies.

He said I cannot believe that you aired my dirty laundry. I sat there and said nothing as he took his time on his soap box. He said I shared everything and went on and on about things that Wendi shared he was pinning on me. I said she told me all those things and I checked the internet and validated them.

He did ask me what was said about Laurel. I said she asked if I spoke to her and if we were friends. I said I detached. The fact here is I know he is in damage control mode. He would shit his pants if people in town had this blog. Although I am sure people know exactly who he is.

He is worried I am telling Wendi things? Seriously. DUDE she has known you for 8 years, I am aware her daughter is telling her your secrets. You should be aware too. DUH! She has been telling me everything about you and your family.  He is a hypocrite, if his daughter was dating a situation like his son, he would lose his shit. Oh but then again he is not a parent, he is the friend, so he has no voice.

What he failed to share in this diatribe is that he shares peoples lives all the time. He has shared his brothers, sisters and friends failings with me. He does not see this as a violation of trust? Come on ass hat. You are the worst offender.

I said you are the one that told me to consider the source. I see you are in a tough place with Collin. I was actually already detached from him and I could feel it, meaning I felt nothing. He then went on about how he had never shared that I was estranged from my mother, Divorced 3 times and had filed bankruptcy. I said all of that is on the internet. He said even so I never told anyone. In a house of secrets I guess that would be an issue.

I do not care what he says because people that know the true Danny know he is a liar, he lies when it is convenient for him. Then he went on to say I could defriend or block him he would understand and not be mad. Seriously? I said you do not even know who I am, I loved you. He said I know who you are. I said no I do not think you have any idea.  If he had any idea I was moving on, I doubt it as his ego would not allow this to be true.

Here it comes, I did not see any of this. I am selling a lot of things now. I am meeting with my broker on Friday to sell as much as I can. I hate to ask you this, Joyce, but can you give me back the currency I gave you for Christmas? I thought WHHHATT? He is serious. I am like WTF. I kept a poker face. He went on to tell me he has college tuition to pay for and the need to take his mother to a specialist at John Hopkins. I know this is all Bullshit. He then tells me I can mail it to him. I guess I could if I was going to do it. He is a selfish man, he fears it maturing and me benefiting.

You can go to a winery on Saturday, on Monday tell me you are desperate for cash. Here is some advice asshole, don’t post everything on FB, especially if you have an agenda.

I have never used any dire excuse with a loved one. The reason is you are putting it out to the Universe. So let’s add this to the knowledge I was given from Holly in my dream, he was a serial cheater, he took money without her knowledge and did not follow her wishes. WHAT THE FUCK?? This man is a sociopath.  I am confident she is happy I brought all this shot to light. So I wonder what his children know? They must know all of it, that is the only power I could see they would wage. Guilt. Sucks to live in shackles you can remove, his choice. This explains all the my poor children stories.

I told him about my dream from Saturday night, it was totally validated in our conversation. I was like whatever. He did say I may be moving. HEY ASSHOLE, you are getting evicted, that is not an I am moving. Whatever, master manipulator. I have taken off the chains, I am running to the ocean to clear your energy.

We went to my car, and he brought the trainer to my car. It was the big bear hug in dramatic style. I said what you do not know is what is meant to be will be. Buh Bye.  I drove off. I went home and every fiber in my being said do not give it back. I have zero plans to return it.

I have decided to send him a Mass Card for St Jude, the Patron Saint of Lost Causes.  I am leaving the envelope open when I mail it. Let him think what he wants. I will donate to St Jude as my grandmother always prayed for his assistance and gave her solace. So Danny, I am going to make a donation so you get a daily Mass, you need it. You are not my problem, you are God’s problem

Then again this is a man who told me and others he knows how to plan a good date and is good in bed. That is not all there is to life. I am so disturbed now looking at this from the outside. The upside here is I have a home, a job, a strong support structure and I am at peace.

I am now moving into something new, with someone new. It is fun and light and I am excited. Let the Thunder Roll, you will all know why I say that soon, it is all good, I promise.

May all your waves be glassy.

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