30 Days Clean & I deserve a chip

Oddly enough it seems to have flown. I know it is not like a drinking or drug clean but it is a clean none the less. I have had the email drafted up to send to him for a couple of days. There was no reason to hold back and not prepare it. I already knew what I needed to say and what I wanted to say. I did take guidance from Spirit in the email.

I have copied it below.

I have deactivated the RFID for the gate. You will have to go to the guard shack to return the trainer.

Please bring my trainer to the guard shack in the next 7 days, place a note with my address 1216 Aquia on it so they know it is mine. If they question, tell them the Chief said it could be left with them or the Aquia Harbour Police. I am sure I will get a call to pick it up. If you cannot bring it back, feel free to reimburse me for the $219 plus tax $233 that it was purchased at Trek if you cannot return it. I have the receipt if you need it.

I also had not heard from you but wanted to share this from Wendi. She reached out to me and I thought it would be about the Yoga Studio I was partially right. It seems she may have been on my blog (her comments and questions lead me to that conclusion) I do not know or care. She had plenty to say again, she brought Laurel into the mix, I did not engage. I have defriended them and left the studio, I am not in this situation. Considering she had been telling me since June to leave you I am sure she is pleased with the outcome. She did not know anyone including her that would date you and had told me, I know the date was 6/10 as I remember the post on my blog when this all started. I would never get in the middle, and avoided it, as it was always tenacious. Thought you would want to know who she really is, although you said consider the source.  I also can assume you know who her source of information really is as well, not difficult to determine.

She texted me, here is the screen shot and she called me if you wanted the phone records I have them.



Then on that Tuesday I got a call from Catty, who burned candles for you weekly because of her love for me and my love of you. This is also a woman Holly came to early on in our relationship. She texted me to tell me people were speaking poorly of Mario, I am not sure that happened or not.  I will say he warned me of Wendi in the summer.

All the best on your journey, wishing you glassy 🌊 waves.


I also know that all the things I was supposed to say have been said and I am not concerned I missed anything. When the time is right I will cut the final cords from him, take what is mine and give him back what is his. I am sure he will feel something as we are so connected, he just will not be aware what it is. I am going to prepare to be physically ill. I will be fine, I know the Universe is going to send me someone deserving of my unconditional love.

This is what was sent in my Akashic reading email, Lowell’s website is embedded if you are interested in a reading. It makes more sense now.

 As indicated in this reading, your recent “relationship” experience has been a real test of your discernment process.  As I stated, there is a potential of you learning that what happened is an old family dynamic that you got caught up in but if you are able to work through that, the energy that I experienced with you and your friend has the potential of being a positive relationship, BUT his bankruptcy is a significant challenge regarding how he allowed himself to get to this place and what his thinking process for dealing with it….. letting it simply evolve, or actively participate in seeking help from various resources to save his home, his financial future, and his “self worth” image.  The choices that you have to make are complex and require you to seriously think about whether you want to continue to become wrapped up n that “mess” or whether you choose to remove yourself from that mess and move on in your life, perhaps as a friend but not someone that is going to “bail him out” of a situation that he caused to happen.  I wish you well with those decisions.
Thanks & Blessings,
When I asked my therapist why I am detaching so easily on Friday, she pointed out what I had failed to see. I do not respect Danny. I do not respect how he lives his life. I do not respect how he treats himself. I do not respect how he treats those he claims to love. After all you cannot love anyone else until you love yourself. I had not seen that so clearly until now. It was not about the money or the job, it was about the lies. The lies he tells himself and the lies that he feels he needs to tell others. It gets confusing to remember lies, I am guessing he has no idea what is truth and what is fiction. Very sad state to live your life. I know another wave will come.
I think it is funny, that people admire that I keep trying. Seriously? I have been told that before and I crack up. I mean we all can choose to find love. I am choosing love every day. I also wonder if I check all the boxes in this life if I will stay on the other side and not choose another, well I hope that is a long way from now.
I am just sitting in the line up watching the lines come in. I am going to continue to read them and decide what ones to ride. Surfing really is a discernment of waves, just like our lives.
May all your waves be glassy.

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