Queen of the Highway

I spent a good amount of time in the last week filling out applications and searching for my next job. I am reading Mike Tutley’s, Playing the Matrix right now and really it is as simple as taking that next step. I am not sure I have shared the daily emails I get from TUT- The Universe Talks, but let me tell you I love them and I think you would too.

So we do not have to know what the next right step is we just have to take a step. The reality is that as long as we are taking action we will get to where we want to be at the end. That said, it sounds so easy, but we make it so hard. I think that I have finally gotten it.

I have also realized that what I want in my life is what I am. I was in therapy last week and she asked me who are you? I said I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience and as such I am Love, I am Spirit, I am Joy, I am Happiness, I am Empathy. I do not relate to myself as I am Joyce. Joyce is a name I was given here on this planet for this human experience. I am a teacher, I know that is my purpose as a light bearer.

I wanted to state all of that because it sounds so mundane, a job search. The reality is I am not giving the Universe any signs if I just sit in my house and wait to be evicted. I know that is extreme but really at the heart of it that is the bottom line. I am paying my bills and exploring my life path.

I have started to investigate groups of like minds. I know that just like Mike Tutley I have a purpose and I will get my message out. This blog was a start. I have to go back to doing my little YouTube videos as well, and I will. I think that there are others starting their awakening and need a basic guide. I think my life can be that map and guide.

I have not put serious restrictions on this job search. I did not do that in my last big search and I ended up in Philadelphia. I know I will go where I am supposed to go. That said I have put applications in across the country in a couple of different professional areas. I know that the right position will appear and I will know.

See for the people out there that thought I was tethered to the situation here in my current town, not so. I am not going to latch on to the dead whale at the bottom of San Onofre, waiting for Scooby the Great White to come and feast on me. I am still living my life and pursuing my own path. FYI I did put applications in San Diego, maybe now is the time.

I titled this Queen of the Highway after the Doors song.

She was a princess, Queen of the Highway
Sign on the road said: “Take us to Madre”
No one could save her, save the blind tiger
He was a monster, black dressed in leather
She was a princess, Queen of the Highway

Now they are wedded, she is a good girl
Naked as children out in a meadow
Naked as children, wild as can be
Soon to have offspring, start it all over

Start at all over

American boy, American girl
Most beautiful people in the world!
Son of a frontier Indian Swirl
Dancing through the midnight whirl-pool, formless
Hope it can continue a little while longer

It is really not the lyrics but some do resonate with me. Alan always called me Queen of the Highway. I think of Alan and pray he finds his Peace. The fact is I do not mind driving cross country or 3 hours to get my hair cut. I am at peace driving where my heart wants me to go. I am using this today as a metaphor.

The Highway is life and I am going to be okay with where it takes me. I am not going to be a slave to it. I am going to go where I am called. The fact is even when it is not paved I am going to make it my highway and travel where I am destined. Then again, on the water you can make your own highway, I really like that concept.

May all your waves be glassy.


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