You are a Magnet

We are all magnets. It is pretty cool when you think about it and at the same time terrifying. I know that the movie The Secret made it all seem so simple, but it is not that simple. You always have to take action. Even if it turns out it is in the wrong direction, action is the key. You will always get put back on your path.

Have you ever noticed that when you need it people or things appear when you need them? I have tried to prove this out with a parking spot, and it works. I have reflected back on things in my life and I realize this has happened over and over again. If it was looking for a job, or a parking spot or seeking knowledge.

Today, I think what has struck me was that Danny, started his seeking and I appeared. I think that it is lost on him, and that is Okay. I was seeking a new therapist and she appeared. She is a teacher. I needed both and low and behold she had availability.

I look at the people who have come into my life in recent years, they are of a totally different vibration than those I attracted even 10 years ago. They are aligned with the here and now me. It does not mean all the people of the past fell away. What it does mean is I have maintained the relationships with those who have grown with me.

In the last 2 weeks, I have done major purges. I cleared any FB page feeds that I did not feel aligned with me. Today, I cleared out people. I may not have defriended everyone but there were a lot I changed to Acquaintances. I already had a filter for this so it was smooth and easy.

I look at the friends in my life today and how they are reacting to the Danny experience. I see that there are lines in the sand for sure in the Pro Danny and Fuck Danny camp. I respect that and I have reflected on the people and how they make me feel. I have been basically a hermit for the last few weeks. I have had a lot to process.

I have chosen to really not talk to people and not really interact. This was a choice. A choice to go within and see what I needed and what I felt. It was not an easy task either. I have really looked at what I want in my life. I am now applying for new jobs and seeing what it is that I want in my life. It is not a comfortable thing to really look at all areas of your life and see what you need to change.

Change is tough for everyone. It is difficult. It requires determination. I was in downward dog this morning and looked at myself and said I need more change. It was uncomfortable. I know I need to stop comfort eating. I know I need to get to the gym or at least do my cardio in the morning. The funny thing is I think I dread it but when I do it I feel awesome. Where does that come from? Oh yes, EGO and FEAR.

So today I am attracting what I want in my life. I am making a conscious effort to turn on the beacon of what I want in my life. I also see that what I did not want fell away in a rush. Danny and the relationship we had was not working for me and I did not like it’s current state. Then the Universe stepped in and cleared the board.

See I believe and KNOW I made that happen. Not necessarily the how. Remember you place the order with the Universe, how it is delivered or prepared is NOT something you get a say. If you did it probably would never happen. So as painful as the BREAK or whatever we are calling this change was, I know it was what I needed and what I ordered.

I know the doubters are like WTF?, you wanted a relationship with him and now it is in limbo. I know that is true, it is now in a rebirth, whatever that rebirth is I am not in control. The other factors in play are Danny’s journey and how that evolves as well as if another karmic contract appears in my life. What I am saying is every oracle card I have pulled as well as my intuition has told me that the relationship in it’s old form is over. This could mean a myriad of things:

  • It is totally over
  • We remain friends
  • It is remade in a form I prayed
  • Or something else I cannot even dream that is even better

See the key here is to release fear and to believe in the order you placed. I believe. I am sad he has to suffer now in the struggles he has chosen. Those were there before I appeared, he made them worse while he was with me of HIS OWN actions. He had choices, the thing is I don’t want the situation we had before. Like seeks like, so as I raise my vibration he will either raise his or fall out.

I deserve and want better. I have put my order to the Universe, it is in big broad strokes. This does not mean it is not specific things I want it just means I stay out of the minutia. How many times have we gotten lost in the weeds? Too many to count for me and for you too I am sure. This is a broad stroke I will share: That I share my experiences and that they bring light to others and I find a platform that is lucrative for me as well.

May all your waves be glassy.



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