Today I have realized a series of things that I will no longer call coincidence. I know my energy is changing. I know we are moving toward the 5th dimension. I also know my human body has been changing to prepare to be ready.

The first time I tried Reiki I personally felt nothing. One of the practitioners made the comment aloud that she could feel electric charges coming off my body. I heard the comment and filed it away until today.

My car has a FOB and I had intermittent problems with its functionality for a year. The dealer could not find an issue. My FOB was replaced, yet issues persisted. The receiver and both FOBs were replaced it has been working for 2 months now. The Sync has random reboots and I am waiting to call the dealer.

The carpool I ride in has now had the FoB issue intermittently. That cannot be a coincidence. I am happy it’s only happened in that car 3 times. I have more odd events.

I have an iPhone 8, it was bought brand new and on Christmas Day it failed. Sure phones fail all the time, according to Apple antennas are rare. Well it was the antennae that failed.

Last week my new Laptop at work started a slow fade. When I say new I mean under a year old. It was replaced before the full blown screen of death showed itself. I was on a conference call yesterday at work.

We had a whole new phone system put in last August. It’s VOIP and the phones have been wonderful. I am on a call yesterday and the receiver starts to fail. I think it’s my headset. Every two seconds it cut out. I put the call on the handset, same issue. I had to call the help desk we will see what the issue is today.

My point in all of this is that the commonality is me. I am fully aware and believe it is my energy that is changing and causing these issues. I have no idea how to stop it or change it. I am aware the Full Moon is upon us. Maybe it is the moon and its eclipse.

I have been shielding myself daily as well as my dog, car and house. I need to remember to do my workspace.

Enlightenment is when the wave realizes it is the ocean. Thigh Nhat Hanh

I realized today I am the ocean, I am part of the enlightenment and the new dimension and the higher vibration.

May all your waves be glassy.

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