There was that time when I went to see my new therapist and she understood and believed I could hear people talking to me from the other side. Well what a refreshing experience that is for me. I have to say I have been told I had gifts for a long time.

I am now no longer sure if I just denied them or that I had not fully realized the gifts. No matter, because now I am working with the gifts and I understand my need to seek others with similar gifts. I know it will be a process and I will have to take time to really be clear with them.

I have had others tell me the thoughts and messages are from the devil. I do not believe that at all. I have been told to trust my intuition and that I will get the answers. I believe that part is true. The part people who have not or do not have such experiences is the confusion. People for the most part are told to believe what you can really sense. The things I sense are not the same.

Yesterday I had a thought and it was answered in my head. It was not answered by my intuition, it was answered by Holly. I did not ask her to answer my thought, although she was part of it, but she did. I am not saying it was a bad thought it just stopped me in my tracks again.

I thought of all the ironies with me and Holly yesterday. There are a lot and I do not even think I have blogged all of them. That is a lot of stuff for me to process personally. I also think that there are no coincidences. I am not sure who Holly was in a past life to me but she was someone close to me, of this I am 100% sure. We always find our soul family in our lives. She managed to find me from the other side.

I have never believed there was nothing after this life. I always believed there was something. I even remember as a child thinking reincarnation was real. I know my mother could have had similar gifts and experiences but she got lost in the mud somewhere. She dabbled in things but never fully embraced or researched things. So at least the door was open a crack when I grew up.

Last night, I was thinking about how I had helped Holly with her family on this side. I then thought I wonder if she ever met the child I chose not to bring into this life on the other side. He had come to me more than once in my life and I heard him in my head as well. So I thought it was an interesting thing to think could happen on the other side. No surprise, she answered “Yes and that he was a beautiful soul”. I had not expected the information and it caught me by surprise.

How funny we both are on different realms and yet we are both looking out for the other’s children? Odd? Maybe, maybe not. I think it just reaffirms for me there is more than this life for us.

May all your waves be glassy.


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