Memory Loss

I think that when we are at our lowest, is when we forget our magic. I think we all have magic within us. It is our job in this lifetime to release the magic and share it. It is usually easily released when times are good. It’s when times are tough that we forget the magic.

It is at this time, I think that we need to share our magic the most. Sharing the magic brings us out of our funk. In the last 7 days, I have brought Danny to the brink of the ugly cry, twice. It was not intentional. It was just my magic being unleashed on someone who has missed the magic for a long time.

Danny has forgotten how much he has touched others lives. He has forgotten his God given magic is still within him. I know this feeling because it has happened to me as well. I have been reminded of the magic I have brought to others, that I forgot resided within me and been brought to tears.

I know that 2017 has been a particularly difficult year for Danny. Last week I gave him his Christmas gift, another bucket list item. I did not anticipate the emotion that it would bring up. Yesterday, again I did not see the level of emotion, but I knew it was time.

I had written to a man he coached with over 10 years ago. I was hoping to surprise Danny with this coach and his wife for dinner or drinks. This is the rub, he did not know me. So I wrote to the address I found online for him. I also wrote to his son who is an NHL superstar. I was determined to make this happen. I get that it was a long shot and he could have thought this woman is a whack-a-doodle and tossed the letter out. I took the chance. Poured out my heart and request. I do things like this and forget about them. I prayed it would work. Yesterday, I was on hold with Navy Federal for 29 minutes, got a person finished my issue but needed another department. As I was being transferred, my cell phone rang.

It was a New Jersey area code. I took the call and it was the response to my letter. Danny was having another particular difficult day. I was so excited that I hung up on Navy Federal. I spoke to this man. I think he was as excited to be reconnected. He said however I wanted to work this he was good. Danny’s birthday is January 7.

I had planned to go see the New Jersey Devils play the Flames. this coach’s son plays on the Flames team. Danny has wanted to see him play so this was a close game, and it was going to happen. I had guessed the coach and his family would go as they are from New Jersey and I was right. Danny needed to meet me before lunch to pick something up.

I met him and when I saw his face I decided he needed this now. So I said to him Coach and his wife wish you a Merry Christmas. His face went into shock. He asked how I knew this, and I replied I spoke to him today. He started to cry. I then said you will be meeting up with him and his wife before the Devils game, if you can go. The brink of the ugly cry came and then I started to cry. He wiped my tears before his own.

He wiped my tears and asked how I did this. I told him. Then I said, if you want his number I will give it to you. He said he had it. I kissed him and went on my way. Later my phone rang and it was Danny’s brother.

I am not sure when all of this progress happened but it did. He said he wanted to wish me a Merry Christmas and tell him how happy I have made his big brother. He told me his brother told him what I had done. He told Danny he had already been sworn to secrecy and I told him I would kick his ass if he let the cat out of the bag. He shared some other thoughts as well, I am keeping those close to my heart.

Then Danny texted. He needed the coaches new number. He spoke to the coach for over an hour. I know I broke him open. He deserves goodness. The row he has been hoeing has been a tough one. He never complains. He just pushes on.

I remind him of his magic. I am tied to this man at a soul level as well as a physical level. Even today, I sensed he needed to hear some things about himself. I texted and he told me he needed them. IMG_3611

Every wave is not glassy, but they always come if you are patient. Be the reminder of peoples magic, help them regain the memory of who they are and feel its reality. May you find all the glassy waves and ride the rough ones with confidence and grace.

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