In the Circle – I will not let it be broken

I have always been an intuitive person. It is just at this stage of my life I listen to it. Sunday I felt pulled to add Danny’s daughter to my LinkedIn account. Monday I knew why.

When I spent time with Danny’s youngest we discussed LA and my work experience. I mentioned I had worked at Warner Bros. Monday afternoon Danny’s daughter texted me.

She was looking at a job in LA at Warner Bros and asked for some help. Of course I immediately sprang into action. I reached out to a friend whose wife used to be in PR at Warner Bros.

I asked if she could look over her resume and possibly help. I am not sure how surprised Danny’s daughter was on my response, but I do know we have a bond.

I was also able to convey some advice for a situation she shared with me over the weekend. In my suggestion I also told her if I overstep at any time to just let me know.

Of course I let Danny know. I can’t wait to see him tomorrow. I look forward to any other information he shares about his kids and me.

His second oldest messaged me back on Tuesday. He is checking to see if he can make the Golden Gophers hickey game in January as a surprise for his dad. I am pleased.

I am so glad things are aligned and that the life I had always dreamt possible is unfolding as such. I would not change anything. I am definitely treasuring the interaction and process in getting to know each one of them.

May all your waves be glassy.

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