Voices from the other side

Danny and I have started to have Sunday Morning breakfast time and the grocery shopping as our I routine. In one our drive one morning into Fredericksburg he was reminiscing about a lot of time prior to his wife’s passing. It was at this time that I asked about his view of a reading from a medium.

I have always felt that he needed more closure. I took the leap out and asked if he would be open to a reading from someone I had previously used. I asked because I was not going to just buy it and then see if he used it. He said he would be open, so I reached out to a psychic medium who I had previously  used.   So I bought Danny a reading with a medium. Her information is in the link I highly recommend her.

It was probably the best $60 I have spent. It was his first reading. So he called me before and asked me some questions.  He told me at that time that Tuesday had bought him one he never did redeem. When he referred to his friend as Tuesday I panicked. This gave me more of a scare initially then he made me realize she is a huge non-issue. No one refers to a friend as a Tuesday if they are besties.  : ) The scare for me was he found the blog. He clarified I had called her that previously. BAHAHAHAHAHA

The story he has and his experiences are his to tell. He had a lot of closure. I think that for me that was the biggest win. The second was the fact Tuesday is a non-issue.  I am so glad I have been patient and that things have started to unfold just as they should.

May all your waves be glassy.

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