Gifts exposed

Just like the earthquake reveals cracks in the earth, trust has exposed gifts to me. The gifts I have been told for years that I possessed. I always dismissed them and said they were wrong.

So once I started to listen to my intuition things changed. I believe that I have been broken open by my relationship with Danny. I also believe that my gifts are something I can no longer contain or hide.

I woke up several weeks ago and the first thing that came to my mind was that I needed to give Danny a chakra clearing. It was clear as day and it would not go away.

It took a while to get him to do it. Not because he did not want to but more of a scheduling issue. Once I did this other messages started to come through.

Now I wondered why now were the messages becoming so clear. It was like I could hear what I could not hear previously. I am now convinced that these messages were not meant for me to hear them until now. What I also believe is that my purpose is to heal and to teach others. I know and have known for a while that I am a light worker. The mission was never quiet this clear.

It was a revelation when I shared these experiences with Danny and he said he wished he had gifts like mine. The fact is he too has gifts and one of them is encouraging others to their purpose. Think about how many people discourage others and their gifts.

He was supposed to be in my life and today I asked about his wife and how they met. I know that it is refreshing and he wants to share. The thing here is I want to learn more about him and be closer to him. The story today made me love him even more, which I did not think possible.

These experiences together are bringing to fruition all of my dreams. I have a man in my life who is supportive and kind. He is everything I dreamt and manifested. The Universe does answer.

Last week, I locked myself out of the yoga studio. I visualized someone arriving who had a key. Three people arrived within 15 minutes and all within minutes of each other. I bring this up because I know it’s real and it works. The simple requests happen quickly and when they are more complex they take time.

I know I impatient but I asked for Danny 6 years ago. It was a detailed list. So just like a good recipe it takes time to create if you want it according to the desired outcome.

I would be a huge liar if I said I have been patient with the process. I was surprised today when I asked about meeting his children when his 2nd oldest was home along with the others over Thanksgiving. I should not be surprised he was open to it as I requested this happening.

Do I know it is going to play out? No but I will say it’s going to happen in a manner that is palatable for me.

May all your waves be glassy

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