Earthquakes start as tremors

Sometimes the earth moves while you are moving and you do not immediately notice. I think that is what has happened in my life over the past few weeks. It was all subtle. Then I looked up and the landscape had totally shifted.

Danny has changed in how he interacts with me. I have now become that confidant that I wanted to be to him. It was something that I did not see coming. It was something that when I realized it I wanted to cry and cheer at the same time. What I had felt and believed for so long had come true.

He is now coming to me and sharing his struggles and goals. This for me has been huge and that says volumes on where he is with me in his life. He is not a sharer like me. I get it. I have not shared everything I could have in the blog. I do keep somethings close to my vest.

We talk every day. He shares his day and he asks about mine. I know this sounds simplistic. Maybe it is but he was not in the habits of these acts before. It would or would not happen. I left things well enough alone. It obviously evolved on it’s own and it is just like I thought it would be in my mind.

We had lunch last week and he brought up Tuesday. It was funny, I did not cringe and I do not have any feelings for her. He shared a story about a man she dated in the past. There is no way in the world I would ever believe she did not know he was married. Danny is the one person in the world I would never tell that to because I know the reaction. So if he was my friend and I was dating a married man, the story would be sanitized.

The funny part was at the end of discussing her. He showed me the text she sent. I will say is that if someone means a lot to you and they know it, you do not repeat it and go over board. You would if you felt you were losing the persons attention, you turn into a puppy jumping up and down for attention. That is Tuesday.

She wants to golf with Danny and a friend of hers. He said WE when he responded to how he answered her. I would have loved to see her reaction. Whatever, I am over expending energy on her.

I am now focused on helping him to get to the goals he has set for himself and the goals I have for me in my life. In my life I have taken a step that will help me and as much as my ego was holding me back, I know this is right and what I need to do. So I have an appointment Thursday, it will be in full motion at that time.

My waves may have been choppy and a victory at sea, but now I see and feel the glassy ones under me. I am so happy things are turning around. I am praying the glassy waves are on the way for Danny too.

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