Symbolism more powerful than expected

It’s not lost on me the cleaning I have done in Danny’s house and deeper meaning.

I helped Danny this weekend watch his son’s dog. He was not supposed to work all 3 days but he did and every day was 12 hours. He was spent. He had already been spent on this job weeks ago.

I started to help on Thursday night. When I got to the house the kitchen looked like a frat house on a good day. There were dishes piled in the sink. The dishwasher was full needing to be emptied. There were clean dishes on the counter. A pan on the stove and a hot plate on the island. I started to freak out.

I am not good with clutter or mess. I am definitely someone who runs on organization and cleanliness. When Danny got home I said I would clean it the next day. He told me not to worry and he would get it. I was like ok, knowing full well I would clean it.

I did clean that and then some. This weekend was really a deep clean of his master suite, the living quarters and I cleared all the poop. In the yard (again). The main level of the house including the garage were cleaned and put back in order.

Initially, it was a dusting and washing of the floors. It grew and in the end I am still shocked all that I got done. I also organized his closet and cleaned the garage. I wiped down all the baseboards, and chair rails. I washed the windows and changed light bulbs. There was nothing left including cleaning the oven.

I was one step away from becoming my grandmother with the cleaning. The only thing that kept me from being my grandma was her love of bleach, borax soap, Brillo and Comet. I am still pleased with how clean the house was when I left last night.

As I was cleaning, I realized there was a certain symbolism on some aspects of the need for cleaning. The windows that were the dirtiest and darkest were his room and his office. I hoped that this was more than symbolic and it was. This just illuminated for me the reasons I was doing it. I was doing it to help him get his space clear and move his manifestations into a quicker reality. Clutter and dust will slow it down every time.

Every night when he came home, I was hoping he was happy about the slow transformation of his home. He was more thankful and happier than I could have ever imagined. I think it’s interesting he is so open to it. I am sure that the house has not been this clean since his wife passed and probably previous to her becoming really ill the last few months of her life.

I wondered today if when his son came home and saw the transformation, what was his response. There is no doubt the transformation was relayed or will be relayed to his siblings in a short period of time. It really does not matter to me because I did it for Danny. I wanted to help him get things moving for him. I wanted him to be at peace and have less to worry about when he is at home.

I also think there is an opening to discuss some other things. I am interested in his plan for some things being handled. I am going to start with the more benign ones to inquire. I will see where the conversation goes from there.

He thanked me more than I think I could have ever imagined. He promised to make the weekend up to me. I do not think he still understands that what I did made me happier than he could have ever imagined.

May all your waves be glassy.



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