The light always illuminates the dark

The light was just peeking out this weekend and this morning it was a full blown sunshine! So I know I have ranted about Tuesday. I know I am entitled. I also know she is a sad little woman. She will be a lonely woman at the rate she is going now.

I get it she was only getting the crumbs Danny was throwing her way. They were few and far between. I took the initiative to go through Danny’s Facebook from the previous year in order to ascertain other important dates, such as his other children’s birthdays. In this action I also saw Tuesday’s interaction with Danny abruptly ended when I came along.

I could have probably guessed this on my own. I assumed it and now I know it to be true. This week she pushed her luck a little too far and I am containing my smugness. It is difficult but the fact is Danny will never admit I was right, and I am absolutely okay with this.

So this is the history of her posts on Danny’s FB page over the last 60 days. It is still amazing to me. Aug 26 the post that Danny and her were in NC (GREAT day on the golf course! Danny is an excellent coach!) and it looked as if they were a couple. Sept 1 (It’s officially an “R” month!! Let’s get a group and enjoy wine and oysters all over the state!!) she posted they need to hit the Oyster and Wine Festival circuit (this is a repeat of a March post right before he met me). September 26 Learning to golf with the great with tag that implied they were again in NC together and a repeat picture. Finally Oct 2 a FB Friendship Anniversary – Aww Happy Friendship Anniversary to my dear friend Danny You are the best!.

So I want to set something up here before I give you the light of the door opening. He had only posted 3 other events in that time. Each one involved his children. I know her spamming his page finally proved my statements true. How you ask? He deleted the post. He never liked it and it was deleted.

I know he is a smart man. I also know he is in love with me and loves me. He is a protective man and now I am in the circle. She did not anticipate happening and has exploited their relationship. I had thought she would push it, and it happened. I also know her personality enough to be confident she will accuse me of making him delete it.  It will be this or something else derogatory and she will be iced out for good.

I do not feel sorry for her. She is a grown ass woman. If he wanted you, he would have had you. I also think her pining for him is her loss. She is wasting life on something that will never materialize. She is reaping what she sowed. I know she was negative and shit stirring in my relationship. Karma is only a bitch if you are one.  – ‘Nuff Said.

May all your waves be glassy

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