New things and new people

So as far as the birthday went, I could not have been more blessed. I was really surprised by a lot of things. I was touched and moved by the people who reached out and what they said to me. It warmed my heart and it is still warm. Danny had to work this weekend.

Oddly enough I thought for as long as we have known each other we would not share this weekend. He told me early on he could not celebrate my birthday weekend because of plans with his children. Well low and behold those plans changed. So we did spend time together. I helped him out with his dogs and we went from there.

I have to note that we are planning to go away for a weekend in October to celebrate without all the conflicts in our calendar. That said initially I had my pout moment that I did not get a card or a gift. He did come home after working 12 hours on a Saturday to cook for me, so I was just being an only child brat. Sunday I did not think I would see him.

Sunday he texted to see if I wanted to play 18 holes. Of course I said yes. I already told him I would take care of the dogs at 11. He then told me I could just wait for him if I liked. I said no. The reason being his son was coming home at 2ish and he should have been home by then but if he was late and/or his son early I was not cool with it. He respected it.

I was still a little concerned so I put on my makeup. I do not wear makeup on the golf course typically but I was not going to be caught off guard. I drove to pick Danny up at his house. I backed into the driveway so he could put his clubs in the car. I texted that I was there. He came out of the house and was waving me in. I was so confused.

He said come on in to the house and meet my oldest son. I had nothing, I was speechless. Danny introduced us and it was started. The air is being let out of the balloon. I am in, this was his way of showing me his love and letting his children know I am important. I made some small talk and then we went to golf.

On the 15th hole his phone died, I left the battery pack in the car. So when we unloaded the cart I plugged his phone in. He must have gotten a charge because it rang shortly afterward on our way home. It was his daughter. I know this meeting made it through the other 3 kids’ phones. He said he would call her back.

That was the best birthday gift ever.

May all your waves be glassy.

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