Sporty Girl Finally Gets Sporty Guy

So yesterday was an awesome day. It was girl time in the morning and then it was Danny time in the afternoon and evening. The image today is a happy me on the course. Yesterday turned out to be that day as well.

When Danny called me I was out with the girls. I had some other plans but I changed them when he asked for me to golf with him on the local course he golfs. I started to panic. I had not been to the range or golfed in over a month. I also had put my clubs on time out and moved them to the office as I was pissed about the North Carolina thing.

I left that in the past and was like this is going to be fine. When you change your mindset it all changes. It was all good. I did not keep score for me but the thing was that I started to hit better and Danny was a great coach. He learned more about me too.

He is always saying things that make me reflect and see why I do things or say things. It is actually refreshing. I have learned that I am still healing from past damaging relationships. I am working on changing my responses and I am content with my progress. He also learned more about me.

I know he just assumed I was in a house with sports. I was not in any such home. My home was sport-less. I wanted to join sports but at the time my parents said no because it required them to volunteer or maybe it was $ I am unclear. I do remember my anxiety when it came time to play softball. I hated it. I had my cousin Tom help me with my batting.

The anxiety was always there as a girl with playing sports. So what emerged was me as a super fan. I learned the sports on my own and I asked questions. I always dated either jocks or musicians. So those are the areas I learned more about in my free time.

After golf one of the more refreshing moments for me in a long time happened. We went home to watch the Clemson v Louisville game. He is just as intense if not more than I am when I am watching my teams. He is loud and cheers as if he was in the stands, just like me. Then I realized another reason I love him.

He takes time out to discuss strategy and plays. It is refreshing and he is patient. We discuss things and it makes me feel good. I also think he likes the interactions with me because it solidifies things we share together.

The golf as I evolve with my game I think it will continue to bring us closer. The love of sports will also bring us closer. I manifested this and I am so thankful. I have taken the time to be sure I know what I want in my life. I want this part of my life to continue to grow.

Believe me there are some areas that I know need to grow to catch up. I am going to be patient and wait. I cannot rush things. I also know that there are people craving a relationship that has aspects they want with serious opportunity to grow and they do not have that in their life.

So I am going to remain in gratitude and be clear how I want my life to feel as it continues to manifest.

May all your waves be glassy.


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