Universe is in Control of Our Direction

I have said this before but I know that there are a lot of times when things from the past come back to my thoughts and I realize there is a Master Plan. I remember when I was a little girl and I would vacation with my cousins. I went with them to Virginia and I kept a bumper sticker that I got at a visitor center until I was in College. I have to share it with you now. Virginia is for Lovers.  This is the reason I chose the image above today.

I kept getting drawn back to Virginia. How crazy is this connection? I realize that the fact remains the Universe has a plan. We are always working towards the Master Plan. I have been working on my vibration’s frequency for the last 18+ years. It has been an internal drive in me that I could not put my finger on why it was so important until now.

I felt that after I helped my father I was supposed to be in DC. I started the pursuit of work before I left LA. I did not get a bite. I moved to LA and then finished my Doctorate. I still felt DC was where I was supposed to be living. I kept being drawn and I kept looking. I eventually ended up in DC. I got to move where I was supposed to be and I shed a toxic friend.

I moved to Alexandria. I was close to work. The men I kept dating or wanted to date me where from the town I am living in today. This is the same town Danny lives in and lived in at the time.

The first person I went out with when I moved was from this town. I thought it was way too far from where I wanted to be living. I realize now that not only did we live in the same town but he worked in the complex I got my hair done in Shirlington. It is so crazy that there are more connections I would have just thought one connection would be it..

When I had my Akashic reading I was told we ran into each other in places. At the time I thought that it would not be realistic until I saw this connection. He is not aware of this and I have chosen not to share it now.

I met my last husband and moved to this town with him. I moved to NJ and I had choices before I chose VA. I was offered positions in Dallas and Denver. My gut told me not to take them. I was unclear as to the reasons but I felt it at a core guttural level. I never had the reason.

Now I look at Danny and I see that the timing was important. I had to be back at the right time. He was grieving and there was a lot of other things that had to happen before I could enter his life. He had to raise his vibration. It did or I would not be here.

The fact that his children told him he should be able to find someone local is not lost on me. I just do not think he sees the importance of it. I know his wife has been guiding some of this and I know she wants what is best for everyone. I know I am part of that and I am content.

I have been attempting to run from this place and yet I realize now I have to remain here. It is not the time to leave. I know there is more for me with Danny. I cannot tell you what that is but I do know it is part of my destiny.

May all your waves be glassy.

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