Lost friends

I think that looking back there have been times when I have risen to the occasion. I sometimes beat myself up about keeping people that should not be in my life. I have one such former friend.

Alan was a force and I lived in fear. I know that Billy knew this. Billy had been my friend since 7th grade. He had a crush on me and I had been his date to dances in HS so he could attend. It was friendship pure and simple.

He met Alan at my wedding reception before we went to Fiji to get married. He seemed to get along with Alan. When he visited LA we met up with him. All seemed well.

I am pretty easy going to a point. But when you blackmail me with my husband we are done fat boy. Billy thought it would be okay to blackmail me with my past. I am not even sure why now. But the fact was he was not holding all the cards.

He was a very unhappy overweight man. I was always encouraging him to get healthy, it has not happened to this day. So it should not be a surprise to me that he thought he could control others.

He was upset with me about something and his response to get me to do what he wanted was to tell Alan stories of my past. I was like listen Mother Fucker, we are done, you have crossed the line and I am over you.

So why is it some people hit the triggers and some do not. I guess in hindsight if he had not threatened me I would have still been friends. I appreciate him showing his colors. It allowed me to make a choice.

May all your waves be glassy.

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