Voices from another life

I know I have shared that I am an empath. I also have strong beliefs in that all souls have a voice. We can hear these voices if we listen. Sometimes, they come to us when we need to hear them. I have heard voices and I have had the feelings.

There are things that I cannot explain. I know that souls do not die and go away. I know that we are here for a reason. I know that we have a connection to the souls in this life and those that are on another plane.

I cannot prove it but I know the soul of the child I chose not to have in this lifetime spoke to me. I heard his voice in my head and I knew immediately it was him and he was mine. I know why I am so protective of others children. I could have chosen to be a mother but I did not.

The thing about being pregnant with Anthony’s child was that it would have been a tough road for all involved. It would not have been fair to me or my child. It was not the life I would have wanted to give.

So when this voice came to me it old me Anthony was getting married. This was the man my mother said I should marry. She never had my best interests at heart so I am glad I did not marry him or have his child. It took a bit of doing but I found his brother and sent a letter. This was way before the internet and Facebook.

When I reached him it was true he was getting married and he got another girl pregnant. This time he told me he thought of me and did the right thing. Nothing cut me to the core more. So a girl you knew for a few months you do the right thing, versus the girl you knew for most your life you abandoned.

This connection was powerful. I cried on the phone and really am still saddened by it today. He told me friends must have told me and when I told him how I heard he told me it was impossible.

I know what is true and I cannot explain it. I also know that I made the right decision. Today I look at the shit show that is his life and I am even happier I dodged that bullet. He has his own lessons. That lesson was very selfless for me and it was tough.  Remember trust your voice and sometimes other voices can come to you if you are open to them.

May all your waves be glassy.

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