Sports Gods

I am totally a sporty girl. I love NCAA sports, I also love a good hockey game. The thing for me that is difficult to reconcile is the blind eye turned towards the Sports Gods. I am talking about the players who are in the upper echelon and lead teams that behave inappropriately.

I am not sure where we lost our honor, but it seems over and over again it gets lost. I can name in recent years a few incidents to jog your memory if you cannot:

  • Kobe Bryant in Colorado and the young woman in the hotel room
  • Jameis Winston
    • Theft of King Crab Legs
    • Rape Allegations
  • Ray Rice Domestic Violence
  • Florida Gators – Credit Card Fraud
  • Ezekiel Elliot – Domestic Violence
  • Baylor Football – Rape Allegations
  • Florida Seminoles – NY Times investigation into Football Player Domestic Violence

I am not naive, I understand the power of money and its influence. What I am concerned about is what we are teaching these athletes as well as the victims that have been violated. I am probably more passionate about this because I have been a victim.

Women make up a large percentage of the NFL and NCAA Football fan base. I am disturbed how the victims are put back on trial. I am also well aware that it takes a lot of courage to press charges. It is traumatic enough to have the experience. It is a whole other ball of wax to bring the charges forward and continuously relive it.

I am concerned about the youth we are raising. I do not believe that the cases that come to light are the only ones. I know that for every woman who moves it to the light there are several more that hide in fear. Why are we placing such a low price on women?

I am sickened by the fact that Jerry Jones is a father of a daughter and he seems to be oblivious to the heart of the matter. His player has been filmed in the act of inappropriate actions. Why don’t we just teach these men to be men? You deserve to pay the price for your actions. Oh that is right it is all about money.

It is sad that we put such a low price on women. The women who do come forward should be applauded but instead we call them names and bring them down. Let’s also state here that it is a hard case to prosecute. Ray Rice was on tape and he did ZERO time. How much more evidence is needed that him kicking the shit out of his wife in an elevator while she is unconscious?

We have to make some changes in society. We need to really understand what should be valued. The problem is that we worship the almighty dollar.

I do not think this will change anything but I have to tell you, I will take my $ and my support from teams that put low or no value on women.

May all your waves be glassy.

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