Coffee with LOTS of flags

I just thought I would recap a crazy coffee date that I had prior to meeting Danny. It is a funny thing when you online date. It is definitely a marketing project. I met a man for coffee at Starbucks after one quick phone call. I thought what the heck I was headed into Fredericksburg and what can it hurt?

Well this guy was a perfect example of you do not always get what is being sold. He was nice enough but something was off. I mean seriously I could not put my finger on it. He eventually tells me he does not have a cell phone and I am like FLAG 1.

He continually talks about himself – FLAG 2. In that discussion he Slams his allegedly quadriplegic ex wife FLAG 3. He slams one of his two children – FLAG 4. Slams his ex mother in law FLAG 5

So I leave this coffee date thinking. PEACE OUT. Of course you do not tell anyone this so you can just get away. He was an absolute nut ball. He kept messaging me telling me how I blew it and how I gave up on US. WTF? Who is this man??

All I have to say is. LISTEN TO THE VOICE INSIDE YOUR HEAD> if it is not right stay away!!!!

May all your waves be glassy.




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