Is this High School?

I swear that I hated high school. I know people who LOVED it, I am not one of those people. So for me when grown ass adults start to act like it is High School I am annoyed. Today I am more than annoyed. I am flat out pissed off.

I am still stuck on two things from the discussion with Danny:

  1. Why would you attempt to lie about who you told, when you already came clean?
  2. How is it not obvious that she hated golf for 20 years and when I say I am golfing so Danny and I can golf together, her next move is to start golfing, and he does not see it?

This stuff is so ridiculous. I start to golf because I see it as something we can share. Then Tuesday figures this is a good in? WTF? Seriously WTF?

I hate the bitch behavior. We will never become stronger if we do not build each other up. We need to be helping bring people up and forward. I love the Erica Jayne line – Sniper from the side comment. Well I am too experienced in sniper fire. The snipers should really know the target.

I really want to say this:

Not every woman will be called a bitch by me so hear me now. Bitch I see you, I see right through you. Own your intentions. Life is fucking short. If you want to be someones partner just own it. Acting like a great confidant is not a good plan. Why? Because men are stupid. They are not going to see your intentions. I also think you have not been schooled in once they think of you as an OLDER SISTER, your pussy is crusted up and not a target especially if they are in a solid relationship.

I have more respect for women who just fuck married men, that is all they want an easy fuck and to move on. This shit I am watching around me takes a lot of work.

So yesterday Tuesday announced to Danny that the friend with cancer cancelled. Weirdly enough the trip is still happening. Danny said things were already paid for things. WTF? Who pays for hotel in advance. I did not react. I was like oh that is too bad. I hope you can see her another time. To which I suggested when we visit my friends in NC we could make it happen.

Damn Tuesday, you are an amateur. I also see you as a sad, little, insecure troll. I wonder if you are like the Red Witch in GOT  when you go home can you see your haggard self in the mirror?

I would respect her if she would just own her feelings for Danny. Life is short just own it, if he is interested it will happen, if not you have the rest of your life.

I am not fearful, I just want this bump in the road to be dismissed. He will have to see it all for himself. She is a conniving person, he will already be on alert. I am sure she is small enough to attempt to put me down, it will be a mistake, I will be glad. I would not have a fight over her, I spoke my peace and moved on.

The fact this plan was hatched while I was in Vegas is very disturbing, but whatever. She is who she is and eventually he will see it for himself.

May all your waves be glassy.


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