Release the pressure

I have to say Danny and I had a great day Saturday. This was the first day in a LONG LONG time we had the whole day and night together. I chose to relish it. There were a couple of things that came up and I have to address it. I put it off before but now I have to say it is time.

I know that I shared the post about Tuesday and her behavior. I did not feel it was time to address it then but now I know it is time. I am not a jealous person. I am confident in our relationship. What I am not comfortable is a wolf in sheep clothing. I think she is a full blown predator.

I know men like to say they see things. I can tell you there have been more times than not when men and women have hit on me and I was oblivious. I am also clear in my view this happens for men including Danny.

Danny told me two weeks ago he was going to see a friend in North Carolina who has breast cancer. I am not sure how this evolved and it is not important. What I do know is that it is an illness that will bring up a lot of emotion for him. That is who he is and part of the reason I love him. I was not invited to go and in and of itself that would be fine until he told me Tuesday is going .

They are going Friday until Sunday and really it smells like two day old fish on a hot sunny dock. I would like this to not happen but sometimes things have to unfurl and we have to learn from the events. I was told in an as a matter of fact way that now Tuesday wants to look at houses for retirement while they are down there.

So when that was said I was like WTF? This is how I am told? I waited a bit and then I asked if Tuesday and the drip broke up. Of course they did. So let me get this straight I cannot book plans with you two weeks out but Tuesday can? Hmm.

I realize now I need to address this in a much different context. I have to let him know this makes me uncomfortable. I have to ask if this would be ok if I did this to him. I also need to ask him about perception. This is just the start of it all.

I must restate the boundaries. He made them and broke them now I expect them to be held tight. I also need to say it looks like she is creating a situation to benefit. I absolutely trust him. I just know that sometimes we do not see things coming. If she needs to console him or talk about the pain he suffered, or hug him or drink too much. These are all ploys. If she thinks it is okay to bash me again a flag. She is not his friend. I see a play being set up to be played. Could I be wrong? Sure, but I doubt I am in this case.

I am going to say it looks like this is a set up, I could be wrong. If it turns out I am I will apologize to him when he returns, but if I am right he needs to see the train when it arrives. Now I have to be able to talk to him….. To be continued.

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