Is Facebook the Devil?

Seriously it is amazing how much power Facebook has in our lives. It seems people think it is a news outlet. They also seem to think it is a factual place to learn about people. So Danny’s daughter is now looking into me on Facebook. Millennial’s  think social media is real, it is not.

I have had a stalker, I have had exes I do not want to find me so I do not put too much factual profile information down. In January I was having fun with the profile and forgot about it. Saturday, Danny reminded me when he told me his daughter questioned whether I was a crazy bitch or not. (FYI I corrected all the data that day)

I am thankful Danny defended me and told me he did. I am happy he asked me for my side. I also think that this is a clue his daughter wants to know who is spending so much time with her dad. I suggested a meeting and it was met with a no. Albeit a pleasant no but it is his call.

I see it as a matter of time before I meet the children. I am more aggravated that this situation and anxiety is here because I have not met them. I think now the problem is they are creating who I am in their heads on their own. His oldest is aware that we had dinner with his girlfriends parents at my house on Saturday. I am not going any where any time soon.

I understand denial was working for them for a while, however now they should recognize the Nile is a river in Egypt. The reality is I am here and I do not look like I am going anywhere.

I am happy that these events are moving the issue, I just hope he is going back to her with the information.

May all your waves be glassy


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