Distance and Comfort

So now that I have had basically the entire country separating me from Danny, I noticed some things. First my panic is non-existent and the text phrases in the past I now see as comforting.

I have been really good about checking in and keeping my usual patterns with Danny. I obviously have had time to think and reflect. The first thing I notice that is huge is the fact we are more aligned in thoughts and ideas than anyone else in my life. I cannot say that's true for his, but I am fairly certain it's pretty damn close for him too.

I started a conversation with one of my Best Friends this trip and I really learned a lot about her. It is not negative by any means I just see how different we are in new or controversial ideas.

There were two conversations and I will bring up the easiest first – Game of Thrones. The lineage of Jon Snow is a topic which should not get people fired up if they watch.

SPOILER ALERT – it's old information but if you plan to watch skip ahead.

I bring up the fact that his lineage straddles two of the seven kingdoms leaders. My friend Betty had just binge watched and was current. She tells me he is the incestuous child of Ned Stark and his sister. I correct her and I was met with a huge push back and how wrong I have it. So much so that I Google it to confirm my belief.

I then read back the information. She still is not believing me. She tells me her recollection and I tell her where I think she missed the information. She is still hanging on to her view and says she has to watch it again to believe it.

Now I think the more controversial topic was and is something that people like to classify as conspiracy theory. I am not discussing it here at all, that not what this blog is about. In hindsight I think this was the point I realized our difference in new ideas. Her husband listened to my points and was actually leaning towards it could be true. She was vehemently opposed.

The relationship Danny and I share has a lot of ideas that are not mainstream. We discuss them. We end up usually being aligned. We both are spiritual and we are truth seekers. We are both light workers in different areas.

The bottom line in my reflection is that we were meant to meet and come into each others lives. Has it been challenging at times? Yes, but I would not change anything.

This distance and time apart has shown me I am comfortable with him and we actually have grown together in this short time.

May all your waves be glassy.

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