Lazy River

So as I think about things I wonder if when we feel life is going smoothly and we are at peace, is that like the lazy river ride? I am thinking it is that way.

We just chill and enjoy the moment. I hate drama and for all the little drama that has ensued lately this is a welcome time. I am not worried about the future, it will come.

I have little control over the future, I can only control my actions and reactions here in the present. This weekend was so good for me. I was really just going with the flow. Sure I had tasks and chores but overall it was peace.

I spent time with Danny Friday and really it was quality time. I recognize that is the best type of time. I don't want excessive time that is not enjoyable.

The river is just flowing along and I know I am going to sit in my floaty and enjoy it. I will take in the sights and experiences and be grateful for it all.

May all your waves be glassy.

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