Timing is everything

So I know I have things to say and items I want to clarify. I think we all have these in our lives. What I do know for sure is that timing is everything. Danny came over for dinner on Friday and it was the weirdest thing, I felt the energy between us had changed.

I am a very sensitive person to other peoples energy. I easily absorb it if I am not careful and I can always sense the energy shift in relationships. So when he arrived I was just getting dressed. When I came out of the bedroom to the living room, I could sense it immediately.

It was like a wall of some sort had fallen and I could see him more clearly and deeply than I had before. He was more open and I could feel it. It was a positive feeling, it was nothing I would be upset about.

This may sound ridiculous but I chose not to discuss Tuesday at this time. I am not going to forget it, I will address it but that was not the time. It was such a great evening, I was not bringing the toxicity of Tuesday and that experience into it.

I did not expect him to stay over, so when I came out of the bedroom and saw he had his bag I was a little surprised. Hey, it was a good surprise, but none the less, I had not expected it.

We had dinner and watched a movie and a show we DVR. It was super low key. When I got up first, I had the coffee made and took care of Mackey. When he woke up he had a fresh cup of coffee next to him on the bedside table. When he left he had a fresh cup of Starbucks to go.

This is what I do know, he gets what he has in me. Tuesday, is not a threat, but it will be addressed in the line of respect and boundaries. Sometimes we just need to enjoy the moment and be happy in that moment. I did not need a serious drama discussion on Friday, I just needed to be.

I know one of the lessons I am learning it patience and timing. I hate drama so this is a good lesson. Boundaries is definitely part of it and I will continue to make mine known and respected.

May all your waves be glassy.

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