I Choose Danny

I never have felt stronger about what I decided to do with Danny. I am not sure that he is aware how new this is for me. He is a huge force and you know what I accept that but I am not allowing him to drive my boat. He should be a part of my life, it should be as I choose, he does not get to make it easier for us.

His idea of easier is not easier and it would result in us both being without each other. This would disrupt the life lessons we are to learn from each other. I am not going to allow that to happen in that fashion.

Old me would have let him drive the whole deal. I am not doing that anymore. I am an active participant in my life and our life together. He may have a couple of years on me but he does not hold all the life information and know everything.

We should be working on this together. We are going to work this out together. If I have to wait 3 months what is the difference, I waited this long and I want to see what happens. That is my choice too. I love him and whether he understands fully what that means or not well he is going to have to wait and see.

I choose him. I choose this experience. I choose to work through this with him.


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