Lipstick and Trader Joes

When I was married to Alan, it was a slow process but I became someone I never wanted to be and it was no reflection of who I could or should have been. I know we should stop ‘shoulding’ all over ourselves but we do it and I have done it. I stopped it and catch myself today so I know I am a different person in a different place.

I remember one day Alan and I were going out to Trader Joes nothing super exciting. I was dressed appropriately, ok maybe overdressed. I was in the passenger seat and then Alan looked over and stopped the car midway out of the garage. Looked at me and said “Where is your lipstick?” I put it on so we could proceed.

When the hell did I turn into that person? Well we went to Trader Joes and he was like see we ran into Joey from his HS days (remember this is LA and I grew up in Chicago) and he would have been like Alan would never date/marry a woman not in full makeup out of the house. Really? WTH. SMH FML

I have never forgotten that event, nor do I love lipstick as much any more. I actually relish going out in yoga pants and no makeup now. I may love glamming up but let me tell you I am now comfortable in my own skin with or without the glam treatment. I am a Rockstar just for who I am period. I do not need the makeup or the glam it is all inside.

People who cannot see that about me, well they do not deserve to be a part of this woman’s life, she has no more room for bullshit or petty crap. Judgement is not welcome, go elsewhere and my life will be just as full if not more.

Wishing you a Glassy Wave.

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