Give everyone a little love

Things I have realized of late have included I do not trust mainstream media and we are the most divided country ever. I also realize that we seem to not be open to hearing other peoples opinions. The saddest realization is that we have sanitized life and seem to be a society of pious idiots. We see people every day standing on their soap box saying they are better than the others because they are “something” and that resembles utopian perfect.

There is not one person I know that can honestly say they have never said something offensive in private. Something that is not politically correct.  I have said plenty of things in private that I would be strung up for in the media. I own it I also own some of it is so offensive that I am embarrassed to admit it.

However, I own I did it. I also think that we need to just be open to discussion with the people who have an opinion that is not ours. We cannot come to a happy medium if we do not hear the other side and when I say hear I mean really listen.

We can do better than this as a society and we should. And to the people I know telling me and others that we should do X and Y, how about you do dome charitable acts that do not involve writing a simple check. How about you feed the homeless or you adopt an orphan. Actions really go a long way versus telling everyone how much better your ideas and opinions are than others.

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