Mai tais intensify jealousy

I have never backed away from admitting I was a flirt. I think that I forgot it upset my husband or that I was just allowing the real me to be out in the open. Hindsight has shown me that I was trying to be myself, and when I did that I got a reality slap.

One Saturday towards the end of our marriage we went to Newport Beach for lunch. He had wanted to try Billy’s on the Beach. So we get there it is a beautiful day. We eat on the patio. Our waiter comes up and I have no idea why I asked him if he surfed. Well I did and from there it was downhill. I also asked. “Are you goofy foot?” This started a shit storm.

I am sure this was after we each had 1 Mai Tai. When we left as soon as we go tin the Porsche he ripped me a new one and would not stop. I see now that he kept me from being me and embracing it. What I never understood was I was going home with him and the guys knew it. Why didn’t he get that?

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