The Past and Waiting

I think it is amazing that people think you should mark time for them. When I say mark time I mean people who are in a relationship and blame it on children. I swear it is ridiculous and selfish.

To be a parent is to be a role model and show what it means to have integrity. Anthony and I reconnected when I was single. He told me he would be available in 8 years. Really? I should be a side dish for 8 years? Thanks but no thanks.

This sounds callous but I am going to say it anyway. If I just wanted a screw, Ok but you live 20 hours away by car. If you think I am second place because you do not have the courage to leave? Again I am not your girl.

Why would I be that girl? Because you go me pregnant a lifetime ago? Because I used to cling to you like a life preserver in shark infested waters? NO, No and NO. The reality was you were never there for me and I am smarter.

I do not want this mess and the fact is your life is a mess. You tell me your daughters ask why you stay? I am pretty sure you do not want to sell assets and it is about money. I am not about any of that. You chose that life, you are the master of your domain. Make your choices, I am not your side bar.

Choose me, choose dignity.

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