Sick puppies

There were a lot of clues on why I should leave my second husband. I just did not listen. I thought I could fix everything. The reality is in a relationship you both have to want to make it work.

I finally got him to agree to let me get a dog. We got 2 one for him and one for me. As it turned out my dog was really sick and I ended up bringing him back to the breeder.

I just remember the puppies being potty trained and the one sick puppy vomiting. He was yelling at me and I took both puppies out on the patio in the cold and just held them. It was again a clue is that I needed to leave. The good news was that I did have a miscarriage and we never had children together.

His jealousy and his demand for all my attention would not have worked with a child. If he could not share me with puppies or friends and family it was evident he could not be a parent. The need to be first ALL the time was a killer in the relationship.

I took Sparky back and Mackey continued to be my dog, which killed Alan as he picked Mackey out.

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