Everything is going to be OK because we are together

When my second husband and I went away for our first weekend away I realized he would get very anxious. We were driving to San Diego and we were in heavy traffic on the 605. He as freaking out.

I took his and and said “Everything is going to be Ok because we are together”. It was a Peaceful Mantra when I could see it overtake him. The majority of the time it would work. I miss those moments of solace and Peace. I know it worked and I know he took himself out of the chaos in his mind.

Eventually, it failed to work. Mostly, I think that was because he had beaten me down and either I did not want to do it or it was not genuine and then the magic is not there.

I want that again in a relationship that is a two-way street. In the meantime I am mindful of the moments and the days of my life.

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