Crazy Spring Break – Girl Code – Don’t screw my cousin

After the break up with Brian I sent myself into a series of twisted sexual escapades. It was making me crazy. Each time I went out with a guy my mother would question if I had slept with him or not. As if I was really going to share anything more than I had to in order to get by. My parents sent me on spring break in South Padre Island to make up for the pain as well as a trip to Steamboat Springs Colorado.

Matilda is the nickname they called me on the Steamboat trip. I always had a Matilda Bay wine cooler in hand. Through this phase I was dating Scott, the ski club president. Oh little Joyce had no clue of his Cocaine problem until we were in Steamboat. I went to his condo. He was a different person, I walked into the bedroom he was doing his lines. I had to walk away from him after that trip. I had never witnessed self-destruction so close since John.

Spring Break drunken escapades were noteworthy. I went to South Padre Island with three girlfriends. Sue and Monica had gone to high school with me. Debbie I had met at community college. We were inseparable. Well every spring break is a drunken fuckfest as far as I am concerned. This trip was no different.

I ran into my cousin Mike. It was the weirdest thing, I had not seen him in years and there he was in Texas. We hung out with his friends for part of the trip. I had stolen about 6 or 7 Corona’s out of some other guy’s cooler. I took them to my cousin’s room. I opened my jacket and dumped them on the bed. Two break and the glass is all over the bed spread. I was so drunk I sat on the broken glass. So here I am getting taken care of my other drunks. It still was a good time.

We ran into a bunch of Chicago guys. Debbie was hung up on this scary fat guy in the crowd. The guys all were from the north side of Chicago. I hooked up with Mike he was still in college at De Paul. Debbie had proved to be as easy as I had heard. She was in the bathroom of a hotel room. She was giving the fat guy a blow-job. They either did not lock the door or accidentally unlocked the door.

Everyone was really close by and was very aware of her behavior. I was embarrassed for her. We hung out with them for a good portion of the trip. On the last night my cousin hung out with us. Debbie was a large girl, and she had proven she was easy. In fact the first day on the beach she fell asleep. A bunch of frat boys came by with a video camera and zoomed in on her ass calling her a beached whale. Albeit it was mean but I am just emphasizing the fact that she was a big girl in comparison to me a size 5. Up until that trip I had no clue she was easy.

My cousin came to our hotel because we were all very intoxicated. He was going to sleep with us. I fall asleep and wake up to Debbie screwing my cousin in the bed while I was sleeping next to them both. I was livid. I almost killed her. I was even angrier because I had to come home early from vacation with her because her mother was having some party. I missed out on vacation and she fucked my cousin. I ended the friendship shortly after returning home. I hooked up with Chicago North side guy back home. I kept his number and we went out a couple of times. I do not even remember his name.

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