Christmas coffee ?

I do remember all the good times with my second husband. There were more than I have shared. I thought that since I shared the Pumpkin story, it was only fair to share how the bear got engaged to the bug.

I was always doting on him. This Christmas morning, I was playing with something someone else had sent me. He asked me for some coffee, I told him there was still some left. This was out of character for me.

He asked me if I would go get it for him. I came into the kitchen and right next to the spoon and honey was the ring box. He followed me in and asked ” Bear will you marry me?”

I absolutely said yes. We went to see A James Bond movie and I remember the whole movie I just kept looking at the ring, not believing it was all real. I felt I was the happiest, luckiest woman in the world.

I still love you Bug.


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