The Shocker at Halloween

The reality of how I see myself is that I like to think of myself as a pretty hip chick. Well I am definitely not as hip as I would like to think all of the time. So this is one of those stories that I still laugh at myself.

It was Halloween and I was living at the beach in Hermosa. It is a big deal in town for the two holidays when everyone lets loose – 4th of July and Halloween. So this was a Friday Halloween. I went out with some guys and I came home from St Rocke early, as I was not feeling it.

I ran into my neighbor behind me in the alley. He told me he was headed to a couple of parties. He invited me to go along. I asked him what his costume was as my Bat Girl was not that difficult to determine. He said he was the Shocker. I was like Oh Okay. The reality was I had zero idea what he was for Halloween. We went around town and I had a lovely time.

The next Monday I headed to LAX for a business trip. I googled The Shocker. No one was more shocked than me. I had pictures taken with the Shocker. Maybe I was hipper than I gave myself credit.


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