“I have a good feeling about this” – tubing

Summertime is always my favorite time of the year. In college we kept the beach on the weekly agenda. Specifically  West Beach in Indiana. It is a beach you have to pay admission. It is a well maintained beach that the suburban kids head to and it is secure.

One Labor Day weekend, we left the south suburbs too late to secure a parking spot at West Beach and went into the public beach areas north of thee park. We paid $20 to park in someones private driveway and walked to the water.

The beach we went to allowed boats to be moored near the shore. There were all kinds of people who were local. We met a couple of guys who told us that their friends had a boat and we could go tubing with them.

I have always relied on that little voice inside my head. I did not find anything that would freak me out about the guy. My friend started to panic a little. She was asking if we should do this. Lake Michigan is a big lake and I guess we could have ended up fish food. My response to her was “I have a good feeling about this”. We used to joke about this for years to come.

The fact is that we are no longer friends and I am sad about that and yet pleased, for another post. The lesson from this is that we all have that little voice and I need to listen to it more. I think that I forget that voice, especially when I feel scared and when I panic.


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