Before the fame of the Rabbit

Looking back I often laugh out loud at snippets of my life. I remember working at a prestigious real estate management company in Chicago and having a great group of friends at work. We were all in our mid 20’s. I know for some it is hard to believe it was well before email and the internet.

A girlfriend was telling me about her ‘toys’ and then I realized I did not have any toys. So I went on a mission to change. I went to a home party of sex toys. I also had one of my own. This is when I was introduced to the “Beaver” it was just like the rabbit but a beaver. When it came I brought it into the office. Let me be clear I had not used it yet.

I just remember us in an office in the back of the floor checking it out. We stood it up and played with the controls and it danced across the desk. We all laughed and thought it was the greatest invention. I loved it more when I took it home and experienced him.

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