Karmic Wheel of Life

As I look back I do see patterns in life. I do not always see them quickly but when I do I take note. I recall two such incidents where I was poorly treated and both men came back and attributed it to what they did to me.

I have posted about Andrew before and he was central figure in so much of my life this is no surprise he is one of the men. He worked construction and we lived in the Chicago area. He worked winters and after we broke up and I terminated the pregnancy it was quiet on that front.

Andrew contacted me to tell me that he was in an accident with his car and additionally, he lost one of his fingers in a construction accident. They were separate but he believed that they were linked to the way he had treated me. And in my mind they really were. I again tried to start over but it did not work.

I look back and I gave up Giovanni and did not reconcile with him at that time other than friends with benefits because I thought I too could right the termination. If we did reconcile it would not be for nothing. Well, I think that is just an early 20 something way to think about it. I still was under the Cinderella, Prince Charming fantasy becoming real. There is no fairy tale, you have to make your life your own and the best one you can possible.

On the Rachel/Ross break from Gio, I dated another a guy from Winnetka, let’s call him Richie Rich for the sake of this story. He lived in his own wing in his parents home. I met him at a club in Downtown Chicago. We dated a while but he was really an ass in the end and disrespectful. I moved on. Several years later, he reached out to me.

Richie moved to a downtown high rise and was on the upswing of life. He told me after I left him, he was out drinking on the North Side and he fell. The fall shattered his ankle and he was bed ridden for several weeks. He told me he had to apologize because he felt that it was karma for how he treated me. I accepted the apology and we went out a couple of times but it was not a match.

The thing I really wanted to get across is sometimes bad things happen. Sometimes those things make people reflect. I am not sure if that makes them better people but if it does that is great. I just know there are more cases in our lives where people realize it but do not tell us. I think the point is to be a good person, say your sorry and in the end just do not do heinous things to each other.

I wish them all good things and want them to be happy. I think that is what life is about. Love each other, be good to each other and support each other in their journey.


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