Tender boat captains

I have a had a variety of experiences. I think sometimes I forget a lot of them. So when reflecting back on my friendship with Jennifer, I smile and laugh. We may have moved countries apart but we have memories in our past in Chicago that have lasted. I am unsure how she is today, she had some issues so today I choose to reflect on this hot Chicago summer night with her.

I worked at a secretarial service in the La Salle Bank building when I was finishing college. The owner treated me like a daughter. I graduated and got a job and Jennifer worked there after me. The owner was Debbie and I would go out for happy hour with her and we were friends. So it was not odd I met Jennifer and we became fast friends.

There are a lot of stories I could share but the one that I had long forgotten came to mind. We went out with Debbie on her friends sailboat, the Titae, Eat it backwards. The boat docked at the Columbia Yacht club. We had a great day and we planned to sleep over. During the day, Jennifer and I became friendly with the Tender Boat Captains in Monroe Harbor.

We had a great day, of food and drink and that night. We skinny dipped with the tender boat captains in the harbor. It was all very innocent but what a freaking memory. I miss you Jennifer. I pray for you and hope we will be together again to reminisce and laugh about this memory and others.



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