Multiple O’s not worth the drama

I will say that there has been only one man who has taken me to the Big O more than once in a session. I met a man at the first real job I had after college. I worked for a Major Motion Picture company’s subsidiary in the Accounting group in the Northern Chicago Suburbs.

After a year or so, they closed the Cleveland office and it merged with ours. I became fast friends with a Manager. I had no idea he was married, he never talked about it nor did he have any ring on or pictures in his office. No one in the office told me he was married. We would go to lunch and I would meet him downtown at the Corporate housing and we would hang out.

It was a definite chemistry and I was young and free. Once I found out he was married it was a tough decision for me. The timing of this was one where I was on a break from Andrew as he said I was super needy. I guess he was right. Michael and I had great chemistry and he never forgot it. I eventually left the company and we lost touch.

I had heard he moved to LA, yet that was not the end. I moved to LA, and after I divorced my first husband he found me. We had a bizarre relationship. We never had sex again but he was always asking for pictures or services for him to do anything. I told him whatever you are offering I do not need nor am I willing to do those things to get them.  He faded again.

I moved to Virginia and he reached out again. Let me point out this is over a 20 year period and it was in 10 year increments. He told would paint dreams of grandeur and how we could start over. Initially, I started to believe him. Then I realized you cannot look back, that is not where you are going. So I broke it off and wished him well. This time we had not even met up in person.

A year goes by, and he starts calling and texting. I refused to change my number because in my mind it is giving him power. He would remind me he was the first person to get me to the multiples. I responded by telling him that is not enough for me. I did not want to be in his life and I wanted him to move on.

He kept it up. I had to eventually block him from everything including social media. What type of sicko was and is he? I think people become obsessive and you have to cut them. I also believe it was my ego that held on for so long. I am sure he will appear again, this time I will let him loose immediately.


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