Hormones make all the difference

Sometimes you really need to just stop and take notice. I think we get all engrossed in our lives and we start to feel run down.  There comes a time when you start to notice things that are slowing you down. I was feeling tired all the time. I bought Suzanne Somers books on aging and I started to think maybe this was really happening.

No one wants to admit they are getting older and slowing down. I know it is a part of life but really we all want to stay young and vibrant. I did the research into the hormones and at first I thought this was too expensive. If we look at Big Pharma in this country it is easy to see that they peddle all kinds of medicine, just not bio-identical hormones.

Last I checked I was not a cow or a pig so why would I take a supplement that his from a pregnant cow or pig. I would not do this and I am not going to do this. I am awaiting the result from the insurance to my submission from my last pellet injection. It will be interesting to see how that goes and what is paid and what is rejected, stay tuned.

Back to my realization. I know we all want everything now but I also see we have turned into a Walmart society. No one wants to pay more for anything. The ridiculous part of this is that why wouldn’t you put yourself first and pay for it. It is your life. I bit the bullet and started the hormones. It did make a difference. I stopped when I left New Jersey to come back to Virginia.

I noticed I was falling asleep at 6 PM and could not sleep enough. I realized this was a hormonal issue and I sought out a new Doctor here. The problem for me is that I wanted an actual Doctor not a PA or a MedSpa. It was difficult to find one near my home so I commute to Richmond.

A lady at work started to notice she was having my old symptoms. I told her about the pellets and gave her some information. She chose Caffeine pills of some sort. Seriously, because they were cheap. I think that sometimes we skimp on stuff that makes little or no sense. It is your health for goodness sake, I am not going to or will I ever go cheap on my health.

Why is it we think we are not worth it? When did we start to think that we can trust the Companies that make money by giving people medicine with side effects that they remedy with additional medicine? $$$ This is disgusting. I want people to wake up and take a look at who profits from these things.

My wires were crazy, so I got my hormones balanced. You know what everything then aligned in my body. My mind was clear, my sleep was normal and I felt great again. I just wish others were as open minded and stopped with a fast and cheap solution. It will have consequences and not the ones they are seeking.




2 thoughts on “Hormones make all the difference

  1. Read your blog – reveals so much about you. Some stuff I didn’t know, only guessed.
    Hope this brings you what you are searching for, just don’t rush the process and fill it with distractions we tend to do that when we feel uncomfortable with the reality.


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