50 Shades vs Locker Room Talk

I feel like the whole world is insane. I am going to fully own, I have said stuff in private that would be horrifying if it made the front page of the NY Times or was on TMZ. This is the fact, we all say things in private that are just that PRIVATE. Today we are now in some weird social experiment that says hey everything anyone says can and will be used against them if someone more powerful wants to destroy them

I do not think I am immune to this nor should you think you are immune. We are in a time that people can and will destroy others because it lifts their cause up. It is not because it is in the best interest of society but for one person. I am so ashamed that this is what our world has come to see as normal.

There are 2 series that women have fawned over that totally gross me out. 1) Twilight and 2 50 Shades. I do not begrudge anyone of the fantasy but let’s own this upfront. No one would want their daughter to be the main character in either series.

The Twilight saga, the thing that gets me the most is that she is selfish. When she does commit to her husband, she shuts him out and does not discuss it with him. It is his baby too but she is a total selfish wench as far as I am concerned.

The 50 Shades series, what mother, sister or friend wants that for a woman. The only part of the fantasy is that he is demented and obsessed with her and he is rich, from what I can figure and I read all 3 books. Would you think that this man taking over into your daughters life and bringing her into a sadomasochistic world is acceptable or what you dreamt for her? I do not think so.

Let me now bring you to reality. I grew up before cell phones having recorders and anything else. I said a lot of things that I may regret, I also have said things in private, that were just, that private conversations. So when I am attacked on my personal FB page for posting the following:


This started an absolute shit show. Let me get this straight. You cannot have it both ways, it is either offensive or not to take advantage of a character painted as naive and unworldly and bring her into a world of bondage. Where is the intimacy and real love? So she is a fixer? She is going to somehow cure him? Give me a fucking break. This is Bullshit.

Then we go back to a conversation that was being recorded without the parties knowledge. Locker Room talk – Trump Bush Transcript. I have done it and I would be strung up for the shit I have said, but it was private. So unless someone has something to gain I suppose it will stay private.

The fact it was used to kill a possible candidacy is OK? Why is that? Because it suits you?  You cannot have it both ways. Either it offends you or you are ok with it, but you cannot play both sides.

I absolutely see they are different but the common thread is the behavior and both are fictional THEY DID NOT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE.

So when people choose to grow up, then maybe they can fight for something real.

I will end my rant here. But I am all for private conversations.

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