Revisiting Giovanni from Afar

Let me share this with you by Diving Right in. I was introduced to the band by Giovanni. I followed the band after we broke up. Dick Holliday and the Bamboo Gang  is a part of my life I would never give up. When the band broke up I was devastated to say the least. I was happy the band members went on to find their purpose, but the fans were sad, me included.

Last year I saw they were playing a gig in Rosemont, IL. I reached out to my bestie and said I am coming home for this. She was in. I know she is a super busy person so I made a plan B with another gf, and that is how it unfolded.

Of course I knew there was a huge possibility, more likely than not that Giovanni would be there. I was like a scared little girl. I could not even imagine how this would go and what I would do if I did see him. I was literally shaking when I did see him.

I have no idea if he saw me until later when Dick (Brad) said my name and that I came from the furthest to see the band. I saw he was with his kids and his friend Dave who I had dated for a short time before him. They had a picnic with their kids. It could not have been any further from the last time I had seen him. (Martini Ranch with one of my gf’s, definitely as story for another time)

It was a rainy weeknight. The rain was on and off. It was a hot Chicago summer night and I was so happy to have the music. We chatted with the band on a break and I was on cloud 9. I felt naked in a way as I had not seen or heard from Gio in 18 years. When I dropped that mic, I made sure it was all FUBAR.

He looked older, he seemed like a good dad. I knew it was not meant to be to say hello and that was the best for us both. If the fire had been lit again I know I would have not been able to break away. He was my heroin. He had a power over me. Maybe I was so nervous because I feared not being strong enough.

I was glad I did see him. Me and my friend saw the two of them looking over and I was sure they knew it was me. After all, I do not have a common name. Months later, he friended me on FB. I accepted then defriended him. I still felt not enough, and maybe not strong enough. Those Twinkle Birdies are powerful and I do not think they lost anything on me with age.

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