Life is like a roll of toilet paper

I have gained weight over the years and many times I have said it is a polar bear coat to protect me. I think if you have read any of this blog you would agree that I have had a lot of experiences, some good, some not so good. The fact is that I had relied on food to get me through and in the end it was not healthy.

I have been just sitting in the unhappiness. It took me really reflecting on my life on what is good, what is working and then looking at the things left afterwards. Those things in the afterwards pile; they had to go. First and foremost, people who bring you down, they have to go. I started the de-friending . I looked at the food in the house, cleaned out the cabinets and refrigerator. I then looked at the things in my closet, if they did not make me smile or bring me joy – tossed for charity. I then looked around the house, if something was kept but it made me sad – charity or trash.

Life is like a roll of toilet paper, each year is a turn of the roll. You can either realize you have limited years and make a change or you can let it all run out. If you are smart you will see the years are passing quicker and you need to enjoy them.

I looked at my health. My Dr gave me the talk about my weight, my BMI and my family history. I knew all of this but before I was not ready. I may have gotten out of bed each day, but some things in my life I may as well been covering my head with the covers and not gotten out of bed.

I had the tools and information, I chose not to use them. This time something clicked. It was time. I made the changes. Isagenix is my base and the exercises I chose were Willitary (something about him speaks to me) and the overall program is Carol Elizabeth Programs’s. I have been inspired by many women in my life and now I see it is my turn to pay it forward into the world to do the same.

Below are the pictures of me over the last 5 weeks. I have made me a priority. I no longer am a slave to the scale. How gravity relates to be is BULLSHIT. The pictures show me a different picture and they show me progress. I want to inspire and I want to help others reach their potential that GOD wants for all of us.


We have got this, I know I have got this. Let me know your journey. Let me inspire you too!! I have linked the products and people so you too can find your best self.

I am going to keep posting about this journey and I know I will get where I want to be, probably even somewhere I did not even think to imagine. Just think about it, a year from now, you will wish you started the journey today (I took that from an Isagenix tee shirt).

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