Catching a wave

I chose the title for this blog because of the physics required to surf. I miss surfing desperately and I know I will be back on my beloved coast in the water sooner rather than later. The fact is when you are a surfer, in order to catch a wave you must paddle at the same speed as the wave to catch it. This is the reason big wave surfers must be towed into the waves to ride them.

I look at some of the times in  my life when I felt adrift I compare it to the failure to paddle at the speed of my life and goals. I think that when I am paddling towards the wave of life that I want to ride, it all goes smoothly. When I have stumbled is when I have forgotten to paddle or could not paddle in. I watched the wave pass me by and I was just sitting in the line up.

I have taken back my power and I am strongly aware of the need to keep the pace. It is apparently to clear to me that every wave is not for me. I am not for every wave and that is okay. As long as I look at each experience and see where I can improve. Some of the improvement is the people I chose to bring into my life. Other times it may be the choices.

What I am sure of is that life will bring me other waves. I will assess if they are for me and even if they are not I need to be sure I learn from the experience.

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