Past life regression, clues for happiness today

I had a past life regression and both sessions are still clear as day to me. She had me go down the hallway and choose a door to go into.

In the first session I was a wife of a dust bowl farmer who had died and I was so happy to be a widow. He was an abusive and cold man that I did not miss at all.  In the second I was a wealthy wife in France. I had the beautiful home and all the cold leaf on the walls and ceilings. I was beautiful and it was my son’s wedding in our home. My husband adored me and I was happily married. I was crying and my husband asked me why? I said I will miss my son. She was a fine wife I was just sad he was moving on with his life.

The contrast in both of these is pretty dramatic. I think back now and I see that as the reminder I can find that kind of happiness and love again. Maybe I am too old to have a child of my own but the other pieces I know I deserve and will have again in this life.

I have been a seeker of happiness and spiritual Nirvana for a long time. I know that we can always improve and strive for more.  I look at my last marriage and I see things that really I could not see while in it. I was snow blind. I chose a man who was too feminine. I had my Akashic record read and it makes sense now that we were married in a past life. I will share that information later.

I need a man to be a man. I need someone who will take control and take care of things. I can and will be a partner but if needed I can step up.

I look at that happy past life. He was handsome. He was successful. He was what I needed then and that is what I need in this life too. I need someone who challenges me and is my equal. My ex is not that at all. I think I thought I wanted a soft man. I realize now that will never work for me. I realized that watching Tony Robbins I am Not Your Guru.

I also realized I need my own routine that honors who I am and where I am going. I now mediate in the morning, I work out in the morning and listen to at least one Tony Robbins Podcast.

I am working to be my best and to keep improving.



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